Myths About Dengue

15 Nov 2016


Dengue fever, often called ‘breakbone fever’ is a disease carried by Aedes mosquitoes. The virus is contracted from the bites of the infected Aedes. This infection gets transmitted from one individual to another as the same infected mosquito keeps biting one individual after another. Dengue fever is not new to health experts; it is known for much more than hundred years now.

With a sharp rise in Dengue fever cases all over the country, more and more myths are found to surface the minds of both the affected as well as the unaffected mass. Some of the popular myths that are making rounds are highlighted below.

  • Myth #1Dengue would not affect the affluent mass. However, fact is that whether one lives in slum or a penthouse, one could never guarantee complete protection against Dengue fever. The posh apartments have flowerpots, cisterns, heavy curtains, decorative containers and many more things which could actually turn out to be potential heaven for the Aedes mosquitoes.
  • Myth #2The ones who use mosquito repellent vaporisers are safe! It is often seen that despite the mosquito repellent vaporisers being switched on, a number of these tiny but mighty players are flying around merrily. This happens because the concentration of the chemicals that are meant to repel the mosquitoes is often inadequate. Hence, even though many people keep such vaporisers placed in their rooms round the clock, mosquitoes can still be found!
  • Myth #3Having low platelet counts inevitably means that the patient has Dengue fever! This notion is by all means, wrong! Many a disease can occur when blood platelet counts drop drastically. Thus, with low platelet counts, you may or may not have Dengue fever. One should not come to any conclusion without consulting a physician.
  • Myth #4Consumption of guava juice, papaya juice, crab soup and goat’s milk would straight away increase platelet counts. The moment a patient gets diagnosed with Dengue fever, remaining hydrated becomes the immediate requirement. A patient reaches the recovery phase only after the intake of abundant fluids and water. Staying hydrated is the only way to a quick recovery. The rest come in later.
  • Myth #5Spraying insecticides by the municipality staff can effectively control and arrest mosquitoes. This is an absolutely incorrect concept! Mosquitoes are there inside the houses and not outside. A close look into the curtain folds, under the sinks in the kitchen and also in the flower pots would reveal the presence of many mosquitoes. Hence, although the municipality personnel spray insecticides outside the house, the mosquitoes seamlessly migrate inside.
  • Myth #6Dengue fever does not recur. Dengue, most common arthropod-borne viral disease of human beings can result from four serotypes of dengue virus (DEN-1, DEN-2, DEN-3 and DEN-4). Every infection renders lifelong immunity to the same serotype. Thus when an individual is affected by a particular type of Dengue virus, he or she becomes immune to specifically that type for the rest of his or her life. However, the protection for the other three types of dengue virus remains incomplete and the immunity towards those becomes temporary.