8 Indications That You Need To See A Psychotherapist

29 Apr 2016


We all have heard the old saying that life is not a bed of roses. Forget the roses; at times life seems to be so taxing that we just feel like giving up. There could be many instances when you could feel over-burdened handling a number of unpleasant issues. However, instead of feeling overwhelmed, always remember that there is someone to help you out and bring back peace and joy in your life. It is none other than a psychotherapist that I am talking about.

‘Psychotherapy’, in simple language means talk therapy. A psychotherapist is the expert who would be a compassionate friend, a counselor and a confidant to anyone who seeks help in overcoming various kinds of mental turmoil.

Every problem comes with a solution. Once you realize that you are into a problem and need a professional help, you have already taken the first step towards success.

The following discussion would highlight 8 situations which clearly indicate that you need to see a psychotherapist.

  • Depression Depression may stem from a variety of reasons such as loss of job, family problems, problems related to peer groups, financial crisis, emotional setbacks and many more. If you feel depressed and completely disgusted with life, it is time that you see a psychotherapist. The expert would listen to your problem and suggest you ways to feel better.
  • Anxiety/ stressTrue that no one lives a tension-free life. But too much of anxiety would hamper a normal living and distress you to the core. Work pressure, family burden, economic crisis and undue expectations from family and friends could result in stress. In such a scenario, you need to seek immediate help in order to handle your stress effectively.
  • AngerExcessive anger can be very harmful for your physical as well as psychological health. If you are trying hard to control your anger and still not being able to do so, you should not delay in seeing a psychotherapist. The professional would help to mitigate your anger and show you ways to vent it out in different ways which are not harmful.
  • Panic AttacksPanic attacks are seldom taken seriously by the ones who suffer from these and also by their family members. Panic attacks can have deep roots below and also can have severe impact on the emotional health of an individual. If you undergo panic attacks, please do not delay in seeing a psychotherapist. You would get expert help in overcoming these with the help of a systematic treatment procedure.
  • Trauma Trauma could be both physical and psychological. The latter can have its source deep down in oneís childhood; but the impact can be felt many years later. There may be instances where you are unable to recover from a trauma that you had undergone long back. Instead of feeling traumatized from time to time, you must see a psychotherapist who could eradicate the very roots of the problem and save you from the menace.
  • Mood SwingsMood is like weather; it keeps changing. While there may be sunshine there could be hailstorms too. There is nothing abnormal about it. Again just the way an unstable weather can be alarming, too much of mood swings can be equally or even more disturbing. If you are lately finding yourself undergoing severe mood swings, then it is time you see a psychotherapist.
  • LossLoss, in any form or shape is disheartening. But there are some losses that seem to be irreplaceable such as the death of a near one. This kind of loss generally has a very strong impact in some peopleís lives to the extent that it affects the psychological well being adversely. If you are unfortunately so deeply shaken by one or more losses in your life and find it impossible to lead a normal life, you must consult a psychotherapist who could help you cope with the disaster.
  • Relationship failuresRelationships are very integral to a personís existence. There exists a variety of relationships in a personís life, each having its unique characteristics. Not all relationships culminate into a positive outcome. Failed relationships can take away peace, sanity and the very desire to live. Relationship failures often cause individuals to go into oblivion where from recovery seems next to impossible. If you ever go through such a situation, you should see a psychotherapist and pour your heart out. You are sure to get a solution to this misery.