Quick And Interesting Tips To Fight Anxiety

31 May 2016


Life would have been completely different had ‘Anxiety’ been just another word in the dictionary; but alas, it is instead a part and parcel of our lives. You would hardly find anyone who lives an anxiety-free life. Unfortunately enough, there is nothing positive arising out of anxiety and hence, fighting anxiety is a crucial step that every anxious individual should take. If you too are a victim of anxiety, then you’ve come to the right place to arrest it.

Below are some quick and simple tips that you can use to fight anxiety.

  • Try to breath through panicAnxiety would make you get faster heartbeat and sweating palms. In such a situation, you should try to calm down and let your mind cope with the panic. Gradually you would find anxiety fading away.
  • Try to relax your musclesAnxiety would cause your muscles to become stiff. When you feel anxious, you have to deliberately try and relax your muscles in order to avoid the worse. What works best is closing your eyes immediately and trying to curl your toes so as to tighten the muscles.
  • Take time outWhen you are caught by anxiety, it is almost impossible to think of anything. So instead of struggling to think, you should ideally cool down and take time out. You could take a stroll and disconnect yourself immediately from the situation where from the anxiety began. This distraction could help you gather yourself.
  • Recollect some happy incidents or visualise a happy placeAnxiety gives you trouble. When you feel anxious, just try and recall those sweet memories which are evergreen and are sure to bring a smile on your face. You could even visualize a serene and tranquil place, somewhere where you would love to be. This could calm your mind and relieve you from anxiety.
  • Share your problem with a reliable personA confidant plays a very significant role in fighting anxiety. You can share your problems with a neutral person who is reliable to you. Not only would hat help you to feel better but you could also end up getting some helpful suggestions.