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What is Anger?

Out of many human emotions, anger is the one that usually stems from an emotional hurt. The feelings of being injured, ill-treated and opposed trigger anger in people. Anger can generally be constructive or destructive. When anger is managed well, it hardly has any detrimental effect on health. On the other hand, a badly-managed anger can have dire consequences on the health of the angry individuals as well as their surroundings. Anger can never do any good to anyone and controlling it is essential for a normal and healthy life.

Most Common Symptoms

The emotional symptoms are
  • You are likely to go through a number of emotional states such as irritability, anxiety, rage and constant mental disturbance.
  • When angry, you are also likely to feel overwhelmed; you would have much trouble trying to manage your thoughts and even end up fantasizing about inflicting hurt upon yourself.
The physical symptoms are
  • Palpitation of heart
  • Headaches
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Inconsistency in speech
  • Persipiration

However, once you are aware of such symptoms, you should not let these take control over your life.

How Can I Help Fight Anger

Anger is a very normal emotion; however, it is essential to deal with it in a positive way. Anger, if not controlled, can take a serious toll on your health and that of the ones close to you. Some simple steps can help you fight anger. You could try these tips and see the progress.

  • First think; then speak

    Always think before you speak. When angry, you would tend to say things which you would later repent. Thus you must take a backseat and gather yourself before you say. Practise the habit of first thinking and then speaking.

  • Be calm and gather yourself

    You should wait and calm down before you express your anger. Once you settle, you can put forth your concerns without hurting the one on the other side. Take some time out and let your anger settle down. You must take short breaks since the quiet moments would help you regain your composure.

  • Get some exercise

    It is very important to get some exercise. You should do some physical activities. Your stress level would surely reduce this way and control your anger. Workouts followed by meditation could be even better!

  • No grudges, please!

    Refrain from holding a grudge. Try to take a lesson from the situation. Expecting the other person to behave the way you want is absolutely irrational!

  • Seek professional help

    You should know that controlling anger could be a challenge. Hence, you should consider seeking professional help. The very decision to seek a professional help would calm you down drastically.