Frequently asked Questions (Click the questions to view the corresponding answers)

A: Doctor is not available on phone; but he/she is available for consultation over video.

A: Yes, absolutely! However specific doctors are available only at certain times; so we will help you book an appointment. If you want to see a doctor you can write to us at and we will get back to you with the time and date of your appointment.

A: For a general physician and dietician the consultation fee starts at Rs 199 for a consultation. For psychological therapy which is generally 30-45 minutes long the consultation fee is Rs 499 onwards.

A: You can do both. You could either see a doctor straight away or fix an appointment with the specialist.

A: You cannot call a doctor directly; but you can always reach out to our customer care executives when you face any challenge.

A: Generally it gets over within 10-15 minutes. However, psychological consultations might take longer.

A: You can upload your documents in the Consultation page and share those with your doctor.

A: Your prescription would be sent to your registered email id. It would also be available in your "My Account" page for future reference. You are free to download it whenever you wish.

A: Yes it does! That's the power of video consultation. However the technology is not supported by iOS/Apple handsets. If you are on android or windows, please use Chrome to get started.

A: Please note:-

  • Doctors generally take some time to come online. Please make sure you wait for him/ her to come online.
  • Please don't panic if it doesn't work at all and you have already paid for it. We will arrange a free consultation for you
  • Please make sure you are not on iOS (iPhone or iPad).
  • Please make sure you are not on Internet Explorer or Safari browser

A: It all happens in few simple Steps.

  • Choose a doctor
  • Make payment
  • Get connected for an audio/ video consultation
  • The doctor sees you instantly

A: No. Simply connect your net and access the site from your browser (Chrome).

A: Generally with a sound network connection, it takes only 60 seconds.

A: No. We provide on-demand seamless peer to peer video consultation with doctors round the clock and round the year! This doesn't need any special software to be installed at the patient't end.

A: This could only happen in case of a rare network glitch. As soon as this happens, you can call us. We would help you initiate a fresh consultation for free.

A: Of course! You can always use your smart phone to get connected.

A: No we don't have COD option. Only payment modes possible for now are Credit Card, Debit Card, Netbanking and Wallets.

A: Soon we will be able to connect you with your chemists; for the time being, please buy your medicines from a shop nearest to your place. We are also in the process of partnering with reputed labs. Till then please get your tests done from a lab of your choice.