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What is Depression?

Depression, often called clinical depression, is a severe mood disorder. Feeling low from time to time is very common for any individual. But depression is much more than a low mood; it is that condition which affects the mental as well as physical health of an individual. Depression can be of various kinds, such as Bipolar Disorder, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), Major Depression, Postpartum Depression, 'Situational' Depression, Persistent Depressive Disorder, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) and Psychotic Depression.


  • Trouble in concentrating, making decisions and recalling details
  • Tiredness and reduced energy level
  • Lack of sleep, excessive sleeping and even early morning wakefulness
  • Feeling restless and perpetually irritated
  • Overeating or appetite loss

How Can I Help Fight Depression

Depression is such that it can take away everything that is positive about living a good life. It takes away peace, hope, energy and the very desire to live! While it is difficult to overcome depression, fighting it the right way and in the right direction can give a strong ray of hope towards recovery. There are a number of ways that you can fight depression.

  • Try to keep yourself happy

    Indulge in doing things that generally give you happiness. You could spend more time with your pet and also devise a healthy sleeping schedule. Reading a good book and watching a funny movie could be helpful for you. You could even take care of some small but important tasks without taxing yourself.

  • Share your thoughts

    The first and foremost tendency that you are likely to have when depressed, is to stay away from people. You might find it tough to reach out to the closest of your family members as well. However, you should refrain from this isolating tendency. Try and share your thoughts and feelings with your peers or family. Always remember that you can make new friends and spend some quality time, if you so wish.

  • Do not curtail your physical movements

    Depression has an inevitable tendency of curtailing your movements drastically. The thought of even leaving your bed could bog you down. However, you have to try and get moving. Exercise is one of the mighty fighters of depression. You could switch on some good music and exercise so that a rhythm keeps playing at the back of your mind. You would find your fatigue vanishing away gradually making a way for rejuvenation.

  • Control your eating habbit

    Your eating habit has a direct link with the way you feel. You should deliberately refrain from having caffeine, trans fats, alcohol and food having high level of preservatives. Also, please remember that the typical "feel-good" foods such as French fries, pasta, sugary snacks and baked goods actually break down your mood as well as energy. You should concentrate on having citrus fruits, eggs, chicken and leafy greens as much as you can. Most importantly, you must never skip your meals!

  • Rule out negative thoughts

    Depression keeps on bringing negative thoughts in your mind. And anything that is negative is bad for you! Thus you have to be conscious in ruling out all sorts of negative influences and embrace everything that is positive