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Mood swing

What is Mood swing?

To put it in simple terms, mood swing refers to a change of mood. The sudden and the abrupt changes in the frame of an individual's mind can lead to a shift from over joy to extreme sadness or even from an inspirational state to complete depression. It is due to the interplay of chemicals in the human brains that mood swings take place. These are very common among people of different ages.


  • Frequent feelings of high and low
  • Heightened sense of stress and anxiety
  • Substance abuse tendency
  • Lower self-esteem
  • Reduced energy level

How Can I Help Fight Mood Swing

Mood swings can be minor and significant as well. Although mood swings are very common, yet when these become overwhelming, then it becomes very important to take certain steps to control the mood swing. You could try the following steps when you have a mood swing.

  • Practice laughing out loud

    Laughter is the best medicine! Indeed! When you get into a sour mood, try and laugh about the entire incident. This would lighten your mood and help you relax. Instead of being worked up, laugh at your experience and the way you have reacted. This could be a great way to curb your mood swing.

  • Include optimism

    Mood swing often leads to negative thoughts and actions. The very first step to fight mood swings is thus to cultivate optimism. Whenever you are struck by negative thoughts as result of mood swing, try and take a step backward and relax. You should restrain yourself from thinking the worse and cultivate positive thoughts.

  • Avert overanalysing negative things

    Overanalysing is sure to spoil your mood. It might have happened that you had a bad day at work, a tiff with your colleague, just try and forget it. When you tend to overanalyse, you would end up having a bitter experience.

  • Try to reflect your own situation

    At times reflecting on your situation could help you arrive at a conclusion logically. Instead of fanning your sour mood, you should ideally think and reflect on your situation. Your perception could likely change and thus you could be able to check your mood swings.

  • Talk to freind or dear one

    When you feel angry, disturbed and sad or any other emotional condition, keeping it to yourself could make you brood over it again and again. When you have someone to fall back upon in the times of crisis, you would be able to control your mood swings since you would not feel that lonely. Talking to a close friend could be a great way to beat your mood swings.