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Panic Attack

What is Panic Attack?

The best way to describe panic attack is to call it a complete psychological nightmare. It is in fact a sudden rush of overpowering fear and worry. It prevents an individual from breathing properly. Panic attacks make people withdraw completely from their normal activities. However panic attacks can be cured; the sooner an affected individual seeks help, the better it would be. The sufferers of panic attack feel that they are steadily getting driven towards a complete catastrophe


  • Racing Heart
  • Chest pain and also discomfort
  • Shaking or trembling
  • Perspiration
  • Nausea

How Can I Help Fight Panic Attack

Panic attack gives a feeling of intense fear without any proper reason. Physical changes such as perspiration, rapid breathing and racing heart rate are followed by panic attacks. However, if you take adequate steps, then you could stop further attacks from happening and recurring.

  • Control your breathing

    Panic attacks often result in rapid breathing. Thus you have to try and control your breathing. If you try hard and succeed in doing so, it could lower your heart rate and reduce sweating.

  • Anti-anxiety medication

    You could even try taking some anti-anxiety medication orally when you have a panic attack. Such medication could offer you quick relief.

  • Carry on with your present activity

    Although panic attacks have the tendency to stir you and divert from your activities, you should try hard to continue with those and be absolutely normal. With your attempt to stay normal, you are actually conveying to your brain that everything is normal and there is nothing to worry about;

  • Do not run away

    If your panic attack takes place at a particular location, you would likely have the tendency to flee that place. But if you want to stop such attacks happening in future, you have to stop yourself from running away and face the situation.

  • Think of good things and divert yourself

    Once you have a panic attack, try and think of good things such as music, winds, rains, Nature and anything that gives you joy and peace. You could even think of ice creams, chocolates, popcorns and or simply your favourite foods;