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What is Stress

The way a human body reacts to harmful conditions is called stress. Whether a harmful situation is real or perceived, a chemical reaction takes place in the body which makes the individual act in a way which helps in arresting the wound. Stress can be harmful for the body as well as the mind of an individual.


Emotional symptoms of stress
  • Becoming moody, agitated and frustrated
  • Low self-esteem and worthlessness
  • Avoiding others
  • Feeling overwhelmed
Physical symptoms of stress
  • Chest pain and fast heartbeat
  • Headaches, other kinds of aches and pains, tense muscle
  • Severe stomach upset
Congitive symptoms of stress
  • Forgetfulness
  • Worrying
  • Pessimistic attitude

How Can I Help Fight Stress

Stress management is extremely important for all of us. Stress can be really disturbing and coping with it is the best way to respond to it. There can be a number of stress-relieving techniques. However, some very simple ones are highlighted below.

  • Remain positive

    There is no alternative to being positive and nurturing positive things amidst all kinds of adversities. When you are extremely stressed, you have to try to remain positive so that you get an inner strength to cope with the stressful situation. Instead of harping on the glass half empty, you have to look at the glass half filled!

  • Try and take control

    Stress would likely make you passive where you would think that there's nothing you can do to curb the problem. This way, the feeling of stress would overpower you. You must take control over the situation and try to come up with something that satisfies none other than you.

  • Acceptance of certain facts

    No matter how stressed you feel, you have to remember that there are certain things which you can never change. The only thing that you can do about those is, accept the way they are. You have to concentrate on those things which are under your control. Keeping your focus upon the latter would help you cope with stress.

  • Take out some private time

    Under stress, it is extremely important to take out some 'me time' so that you can introspect and gather yourself. You need to relax and be with yourself so that you can get your composure back. In your private time, you can gradually get a grasp over the situation and handle stress with rejuvenated confidence.

  • Connect with people

    We are social beings and our social circle is very important to keep us functional. In a stressful situation the social circle of an individual plays a very significant role. Keeping occupied with friends, colleagues and dear and near ones would help you overcome stress and move on.